Initial Request - Augustus Tempest

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Initial Request - Augustus Tempest

Post by The P.B.G on Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:15 pm

Recipient: Augustus Tempest
Request Urgency: Initial Equipment (On Hand)
Request Type: 1 X Musai-class
Requested Materials: 7 X Officers Uniforms, 2 X Reading glasses, 1 X Personal officer pistol, 3 X standard space suit, 20 X Epaulette, personal effects (Ladled under Captain A. Tempest, storage bay 92B), 2 Months (Crew) rations, 2 Months (Crew) Medical supplies, 3 Months, Standard Musai Security package, Musai (Required fuelling), Musai Crew,
Destination: Zeon, military space dock, 45
Shipping Delay: None

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