Augustus Tempest (Character Sheet)

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Augustus Tempest (Character Sheet)

Post by The P.B.G on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:38 am

Name: Augustus Tempest
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Height: 6'3ft
Hair Colour: Light Brown (Greying)
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: Pale
Profession and Rank: Captain
Time Mobile Suit Experience:  800 hours simulated, 500 hours training with various prototypes,
History: Augustus was one of the first people to born on Side 3, the space colony that would later be known as the Principality of Zeon, in U.C 36. From a young age he looked on at the rapid construction of the space colony and marvelled at the massive Human undertaking, even taking part in it himself towards the end of its construction, as a young engineer. He clearly remembers the arrival of the now revered Zeon Zum Deikun as well, personally seeing him get off his shuttle upon the philosophers first moments on the Side. Unlike many of his fellows on Side 3 Augustus was never enamoured by Deikun, and did not bight into his ideology of Newtypes, or him as a strong leader for the colony. However he joined the early militia force out of what he saw as a necessity to prevent the quote, unquote "dumb man" getting them all killed.

Following the sudden unexpected death of Deikun, Tempest could only roll his eyes as his home descended into madness, as everyone and anyone began pointing fingers over who murdered their leader. In truth the young man did not care, and continues not to, however he was none the less grateful for the Zabi's to restore order, if bloody it may have been. As a result he developed an early working association with his new commanding officer Dozle Zabi.

Due to being a lifelong member of the side, and his knowledge in engineering, Augustus was recruited to help field test many early prototype weapons for the new 'principality', and under the new military steadily climbed through the ranks. Throughout his service he test flew a number of experimental battleships, fighters and even mobile suits, although self admittingly he sniffed at the idea of using 'giant stompy robots' for war, seeing them as impractical. While he never did an outstanding job, he always delivered the best to his ability and was consistent throughout his service. In fact Tempest earned a reputation for being a practical and creative commander, if not with the most enthusiastic attitude towards his work, and being a depressive individual, always noting the flaws in any situation.

By the time the war started in 79 U.C, he had been, married near on 22 years, with an adult daughter and teenage child, and has been promoted to captain, being placed in charge of a new Musai. Now he prays the areas around the Earth sphere, 'running silent', launching lightning raids against any Federation ship he comes across, although always take time to send messages to his wife and children, with a third on the way.

Detailed Description: A tall man, clean shaven man with pale skin, Augustus is not heavily built and would appear slightly gaunt to most people on earth. His hair is neatly combed back, and his uniform is always in a parade ground fashion, frequently sporting a officers helmet and decorations. However the onset of age have begun to show, his skin has grown near deathly white, wrinkling in certain places and his eyes are incredible deep set. To an outsider he would appear malnourished, dried up and tired, but looks can be deceiving.

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